Richard Rendina Family Foundation

The Rendina Family Foundation: Giving Hope to The Community One Dollar at a Time

(August 2018) – The Rendina Family Foundation is enthusiastic about researchers finding a cure for cancer. Bruce A. Rendina was a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist who was diagnosed in late 2004 with brain cancer. Sadly, in 2006, a little more than a year following his diagnosis of cancer, Bruce passed away.

Bruce Rendina left his business Rendina Cos. (now Rendina Healthcare Real Estate) to his three sons Richard, David, and Michael. The eldest son, Richard Rendina, took over the functions and operations of Rendina Cos as the chairman and CEO.

Not long after taking over operations for his father, Richard was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors diagnosed him with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in February 2011.

To do everything possible with his illness, Richard turned to the experts of the Palm Beach Cancer Institute. The doctors who reviewed his case added a chemotherapeutic agent known as Methotrexate to his regimen. Rather than destroying the cancer cells, Methotrexate slows the cancer cell’s growth.

Richard Rendina began three cycles of Methotrexate. Richard also took on six cycles of R-CHOP for his cancer treatment. R-CHOP medication therapy involves the drug Rituximab which is added to four chemotherapeutic drugs given to the patient through an infusion.

The end of his cancer treatment was in June of that year. For Rendina to be considered cured of cancer, he had to go an additional four years of being cancer-free. There is an 80 percent rate of cure with the type of cancer he was diagnosed with. Fortunately, Richard Rendina is now considered to be cured of cancer.

Richard, along with his two brothers David and Michael, is continuing on the Rendina legacy started many years ago in 1997 by his father Bruce, by running the Rendina Family Foundation. The charity is dedicated to aiding individual and their families that are affected by cancer.

To help them meet this, Richard and the foundation support organizations, research companies, and doctors who share in the devoted commitment of developing new treatments and a cure for cancer.

Since the formation of the Rendina Family Foundation, they have donated more than $5.75 million nationwide. To raise funds for cancer research and to honor the memory of Bruce A. Rendina, the foundation holds an annual golf tournament dubbed “Raise the B.A.R.”

Contact Information

Rendina Family Foundation

661 University Boulevard

Suite 200

Jupiter, FL  33458

(561) 630-5055

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